Fruit trees

This is a list of the fruit trees we can grow. Most of them will be familiar and these will only get a mention here, rather than a link to a page. The challenge with these is mainly to choose good varieties, that are disease resistant and can cope with some frost.

There are a few fruit trees that are not common, but ended up on this page. They are highlighted to indicate they have a separate page.

Although we can graft many of these onto a dwarfing rootstock, the best size to use in our Gardens is a tree that grows to about 4m. 

Hardy fruits



green gageGage and plum

Sweet Chcherryerry




Asian pear Asian pear

cherry plumCherry plum




Tender trees



apricot on a tree





Loquat, Eriobotrya japonica​

Blue sausage fruit Almond


Feijoa, Acca sellowiana