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The Gardens of Love are looking for gardeners

Are you looking for a place to work together with others, to care for the Earth, for plants, animals, and for people?

Perhaps you would love to have some land, to start growing something amazing, but you don't know how or where...

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At the Gardens of Love, we are working to find land and a group of people, to grow new foods and really connect and work the energy our love into the Earth and the plants and animals.

We are creating a place where we can all wake up to who we really are and what we each came to do here on Earth and to start living from who we truly are, by creating opportunities for us to go and do the things we love.

The possibilities of how exactly we will do this are endless, and depend on a large part on people like you, the Gardians of the Gardens of Love, on your talents, on your dreams and your passions.

But the playing field will be our farm, The Ashdown Gardens of Love.

We will turn this farm in to our beautiful community of Gardens and Gardians.

Each Gardian - with their families, if they wish - will take care of about a hectare (100m x 100m or about 2.5 acres) of land, planting trees, shrubs and - mainly perennial - plants and caring for some small animals, as well as for a pond with fish.

The idea is to grow a wide variety of foods, while also creating spaces for wildlife and beauty. At the same time, it is important to design our Gardens so that it is quite easy to care for them, without having to put in a lot of hard work once the Gardens are established.

One of the key ideas of the Gardens of Love is that we take the time to really get to know the trees and plants and animals in the Garden, and care for them with loving attention and respect.

If all goes well, we will build homes in the Gardens and a community centre, the Heart centre: a central meeting place, with a cafe, a theatre, and shop, and space for workshops for things like metal work, woodwork, pottery, for doing courses and processing our harvest in to jams and pies to name just a few of the possibilities. This will be a place where we can work together or on our own projects, in an atmosphere of exchange.

There will be beautiful shared ponds and lakes, a tea-garden by the Heart centre, and space for guests to stay and share the joys of our Gardens. The majority of the land on the farm will be divided into Garden plots, but there will also be areas for grazing animals and some crop land.

Right now, we are looking for people to help make this amazing vision come to life. To brainstorm together on how we can make this happen, to find a way to get access to land.

We are looking to form a group of very practical people. It would be great to find some people who are good at:

structured, logical thinking,

combined with creative problem solving

permaculture design

keyline reservoir and pond building

have a sense of fun, and a relaxed attitude

team management skills

working in a team

good spacial awareness

communicating with nature spirits

Are you dreaming of doing something big and bold that will make a visible impact on the way we grow food? Are you looking for a place to create a living, growing home? Are you prepared to put some time and effort into finding a way to make that possible?

Then we are looking for you.

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