Investing in the Gardens of Love

The Golly fund

It is possible to use the Golly fund as an investment fund for both Gardians and the wider community. The dividend could in part be paid out in the form of courses, stays in the visitor accommodation, produce from the community, etc., or in other words: credit in the local economy system.

Those of the Gardians that are able to contribute to the initial purchase of the land will effectively have invested in the Golly fund. This will give them a positive credit in the local economy system, which they can use to get help from other Gardians, for example in the form of labour, produce, advice or courses.

As all Gardians work together to make the Gardens of Love a success, we all contribute our investment to the Gardens of Love fund. This means that over time we could all receive a yearly dividend form it, with the amount building up with the wealth in the fund, provided of course that the maintenance and so on are payed for first.

For more information on investing in the Gardens of Love please contact us.

Crowd funding

We are planning to set up a crowd funding campaign later this year, to start building up the capital needed to purchase land. 

A link will be added here soon.

Fund Raising with through a fund raising shop

We have now set up a fund-raising online shop. For all the details please see our article Fund raising with LoveGardening.

Find the shop here: