Growing Gardens of Love, the book

 Growing Gardens of Love is available now! 

In our book, you will find the ideas behind the Gardens of Love, and practical ways to create Gardens of Love communities.

Growing Gardens of Love sets out to give an overview of the ideas and philosophy behind the image, giving insights into the need for change in our food production, leading to an overview of what the Gardens of Love are.

Then, the idea is worked out on a more practical basis.

In the book, the challenges and some viable solutions of purchasing land, building a healthy community, and ways to make the community sustainable economically and environmentally are explored.

Ways to work with nature, to create a healthy balance between human life and wildlife, designing beautiful gardens and community spaces that work with the principles of nature to give us what we need, while creating space for nature to thrive at the same time, are further looked at in some detail.

Finally, the book sets out some inspiring possibilities of sharing The Gardens of Love with the wider community.

The Gardens of Love have the potential to change the way we live, care for the earth and care for each other. Growing Gardens of Love can serve as the starting point to realising this goal.

Buy here for UK sales

For EU and International sales go to your countries amazon site and look for Growing gardens of love by Noor Bunnik blush smiley.

Testimonial By Uttrang Kaur, founder of 1Terra for The Gardens of Love "According to the company it keeps, so are the fruits it eats.” Siri Guru Granth Page 1369
'He finds no place of rest without the True Company to whom should he go and cry? “ Siri Guru Granth Page 532

Bringing together kind hearted people to care for our earth and minimalise carbon footprints can save us all from packaging and pollution karma. Community green living is good for our health and can protect everyone well being into old age.

Emma Goodwin of The Crossing says:
Any and all efforts towards a 'convivial society living in a flourishing biosphere" must be encouraged at all costs
Any and all efforts to create regenerative systems of food production are essential if all life is to thrive.
Gardens of Love is working towards this/these vision (s)

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