Status of the project

We are working to get the infrastructure of the website here up and running. We have now published the book Growing Gardens of Love, which is a great way of sharing the idea and finding interested people. Noor Bunnik will be promoting the book at local markets and festivals, with the intention to expand our team and find new Gardians.

At the moment, the Gardens of Love is just getting up and running, we will need to find the Gardians, funding and land to make the project a success.

Members of the team

Noor Bunnik
Dorothea Leber
Uttrang Kaur
Emma Goodwin (helping with the promoting, might not become a gardian as she has her own project running at The Crossing)
Possible locations

            We have two locations in mind:

  • Ashdown Farm, next to Forest Row village in East Sussex. The site has space for approximately 45-50 Gardens, as well as lower lying fields for crops and some forested areas.
  • Land near Standen House, close to East Grinstead, West Sussex. This site has space for about 15-20 Gardens. It is situated just North of Weirwood reservoir, with lovely views and is next to a good road.
Securing funding

Gardian investments

As the project is still in its infancy, we have only a small group of potential Gardians in the team. Unfortunately, non of us has any free capital at present to invest in the project, beyond our time and energy.

Crowd funding

We will be setting up a crowd funding campaign as soon as the website and Growing Gardens of Love book are ready. 

Other sources

We will set up a fund-raising campaign sometime in the future, when our team has expanded somewhat. A 50% share of the royalties from the Growing Gardens of Love book will also be invested into the project.

Attracting a start-up team and Gardians

Now that the website is open for new members, we will start promoting The Gardens of Love, initially through Facebook and word of mouth. With the book complete, it is our intention to promote the book and the project through local advertising magazines, the permaculture website and possibly some book launch events.

Available Gardens

once we have land, a map will show the plots, with empty plots in a different colour from used ones

At present there are no Gardens, as there is no land yet.

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