The name Gardens of Love

I would like to take a moment to explain why we have chosen the name Gardens of Love, rather than something along the lines of Anastasia Kin domains.

Using a name like this last one may make it easier for people who have read the Ringing Cedar books to find us, and join us. However, I have some strong reasons against using them.

  • First as to the ‘Anastasia’ part: Anastasia herself has said she wants the image of kin domains to be what stands out, and she feels uncomfortable with her name being used by so many of the Russian kin communities.  The focus should not be on her, but on the image instead.
  • As for the second part, that of Kin domains or indeed family homesteads:
    • Kin stands for the family. This implies that the domain will be passed on from parent to child and so on.
  • I will need to pass on some anthroposophical knowledge here, to explain why I object to this ideal.
    • In the past we were all part of our tribe, and our family. We didn’t see ourselves as separate from it, and would act in the best interest of the tribe, simply because we hadn’t yet developed a sense of individuality. The tribes and families were guided by powerful angelic beings, who would help the tribe thrive.
    • In order to grow as Man (m/f) this family bond had to loosen, so that we could become true individuals, and start to learn to make our own decisions. The goal of creating Man was that we would become able to choose the path of love in freedom, or alternatively to choose another more selfish path. As long as we were a part of family, without having much individuality, making this choice was not possible.
    • The lack of connection we see around us in society, is a temporary and necessary result of this individualisation.
    • Were a hundred, or even fifty years ago it would be expected that a child would follow in their father’s footsteps, now this is usually not the case.
    • Now the next step in the development of Mankind needs to be that we form new communities, no longer based on family bonds, but based on shared ideals and a shared image of the future we are building together.
    • Thus, in the Gardens of Love, we will not be a Kin community although our kin are very welcome to join us, if they choose to share this common image and ideology.
  • The third part, of domains or homesteads sounds too distant, too cold. The image of a garden sound more welcoming, conjures up images of flowers and lush growth, a place where one would like to spend time.

The name Garden of Love is inspired by the original notion from Anastasia that we should create a space of love around ourselves. A space is empty, so let's fill it with trees and plants, and let it become a garden.

The term garden also has links to the garden of Eden, the paradise garden. Are we perhaps sowing the seeds for a new paradise?

Having said all that, we would naturally do well to work together with and keep an open mind towards all the wonderful people who do choose to call their communities ‘Kin domains’.

In this spirit, we are collaborating with the founders of the website.

We could also expand our idea of Kin to include all of creation, making Kin gardens spaces where all of creation can thrive.