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Creating sacred spaces: Time Feng Shui & Feng Shui home design

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This article is part 4 of a series and is best read in the order it appears on the website. We will jump right in:

Time Feng Shui

Things get a little more complicated when we start looking at Time Feng Shui. Time Feng Shui describes special energy influences that are effective for 20-year periods, that are further divided into yearly and monthly periods. As the elements in a garden are not easily moved around, I will only look at the 20-year period here.

Creating sacred spaces: Landscape Feng Shui

feng shui compass

Feng Shui

Many people will be familiar with the concept of Feng Shui. While I knew of its existence, I only started exploring the possibilities and uses of Feng Shui in May 2018, so after I had realised the potential of using the Celtic knot patterns of the Chi Gates in Garden design.

Creating sacred spaces: Introduction

garden chi gate installation

In the two years since writing ‘Growing Gardens of Love’ new information and insights that have the potential to add a beautiful and beneficial extra dimension to the concept of the Gardens of Love have come to my attention.

Creating sacred spaces

A sacred space is one that has plentiful life forces flowing through it, it is a place that feels harmonious, a place that makes us feel peaceful and loved, inspired or touched somehow. When we open ourselves to such a place, we can find healing here.

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