Creating sacred spaces: Introduction

garden chi gate installation

In the two years since writing ‘Growing Gardens of Love’ new information and insights that have the potential to add a beautiful and beneficial extra dimension to the concept of the Gardens of Love have come to my attention.

Creating sacred spaces

A sacred space is one that has plentiful life forces flowing through it, it is a place that feels harmonious, a place that makes us feel peaceful and loved, inspired or touched somehow. When we open ourselves to such a place, we can find healing here.

The people of old often build their temples and churches on places in the land where energy lines -leylines- lay or even at intersections between two or more of such lines. Because of our modern building works many of the old lines are not flowing so well and as a consequence the earth’s energy network has weakened (M Pogatčnik).

The ‘technology’ of Chi Gates that I will share in these articles creates a way for life force energy to flow into our Gardens independent of the system of leylines. While I have only used this in the small scale of artworks and a garden installation, these small projects have given me a sense of the huge potential for healing there is when we apply Chi Gates in our Gardens.

Combining Chi Gates with Feng Shui will (in my opinion) help create Gardens of Love where the life forces the Gates bring in can be guided to become harmonious, so that sacred spaces like I described will start to grow and thrive.

The added value of Feng Shui and Chi Gates; why should we create sacred spaces?

Our need for good food, our need for healthy air, our need for feeling connected are all symptoms of a bigger issue. We have come to a time in the development of the Earth and Man where we have exhausted much of what was given to us, as a part of the journey I described in my ‘Growing Gardens of Love’:

Man, and our fellow beings are slowly growing into a new addition to the beings of the spirit world, the angels, arch angels and so on[1].

As I went on to describe, we, Mankind, have a task to transform the Earth, to make her ready for her new incarnation -somewhere in a distant future. Now, not just the physical resources of the Earth are getting depleted, but the energy systems (ley lines and such) are failing, weakening too. We need to build up something that will add to it, or perhaps replace it.

What I have uncovered and will share with you in the coming articles, is a set of answers that I received to my question of what we can do to make things better. We can create wells of energy, that will feed the Earth, that can bring healing to us people, places where we can grow food that will truly feed us while also enriching the soil, the ecosystem, be good for animals and wild plants. Here the power of our loving attention can get fuelled by the Chi Gate and Feng Shui energy, fusing them together to become a powerful gift to the Earth, to our fellow beings and to ourselves.

It may be that our Gardens, when created like I will describe, will be able to heal our minds, bodies and souls. It may well be that the ‘orgonite effect’ is able to re-balance radiation from electronics or even radioactive materials. I can’t be sure until we start experimenting, but in theory, if all the information I have gathered is correct, these are real possibilities.

My heart fills with hope and strength whenever I think of these things, I can feel energy coursing through me, feeding me, encouraging me. I know that this is what I must and will keep working towards. I am hopeful to find those that will work with me, so that together we may start to bring this great work of blessing and positive change to the world.

With Love,



[1] Please read ‘Growing Gardens of Love’ if you need more clarification on what I mean by this. It would be to lengthy to repeat all this here, as this text is meant to be a continuation of my book.


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