Personal development courses

These are some courses and books that I, Noor Bunnik, author of Growing Gardens of Love, have learned a lot from, eventually leading me to write my book and reach out to form a community to make the Gardens of Love reality. Click on the links below to go straight to their sites, or scroll down for a short description of the materials offered.

The 'Crack your Egg internet course, by Henk J.M. Schram Creating a Bug free mind; Using a Bug free mind, both books by Andy Shaw
At zero, a book by Joe Vitale Holosync technology, by Bill Harris, in combination with his Thresholds of the Mind book
The Journey, a healing technique by Brandon Bays The online courses Jumpstart your wealth gene and Essential Upgrade for Money and Success by Dawn Clark
How to know higher worlds, a book by Rudolf Steiner  
The ‘Crack your Egginternet course, by Henk J.M. Schram. 
I recommend this course especially, because it gives an amazing, mind blowing and eye-opening description of:
How the world around us is essentially made up of energy vibrations;
How we perceive only a tiny fraction of all the energies around us through our senses;
How what is perceived gets filtered by our brain to show us only what fits into our expectation of what we should be seeing;
And how what we expect is made up out of our experiences, especially the ones where we felt hurt, unsafe or overwhelmed etc.;
To go on to give a scientific explanation of how we create our own circumstances, through these expectations and beliefs.
This information is presented in a way that is very well explained and supported by scientific research. The course brings together many scientific views, making the connections clear.
The Crack your egg course further offers very effective ways to practically use this information to ‘crack your egg’, e.g. let go of the shield we have built up with our inner convictions, and resolve the painful experiences that created the way we feel and respond to the world around ourselves, while starting to make our way to the life that we choose for ourselves.

Other great personal development sources I learned a lot from:

Creating a Bug free mind; Using a Bug free mind, both books by Andy Shaw. These very insightful books teach ways to silence the minds chatter, and how to change our way of thinking. It also looks at words and how they affect our ability to change the world around us. For example: the word ‘believe’, so often used in personal development as the thing we need to do to accomplish something, in effect means we doubt that it really is true (just try that out: ‘I believe I am rich…’ and you will see the truth of this). In its stead, we can use the word ‘know’. The books further encourage everyone to make time to day-dream about what we would like to create in our future and to make our dreams as detailed and as big as we can.

At zero, by Joe Vitale. The Ho’o’pono’pono technique to ‘clean’ on subjects or things that make you uncomfortable, so that our perception of it changes and therefore the reality, is a very useful technique I still use for some things that are much bigger than my personal sphere of influence.

Holosync technology, by Bill Harris, in combination with his Thresholds of the Mind book. This is a technology that creates (super) meditative states through sound waves. The process increases awareness of when and why we do things or react in ways that aren’t useful to us, giving us the choice to change our behaviour. My experience is that it works amazingly well, making me more creative, active and more aware of how I respond to situations and why, in turn helping me to do things better.

The Journey, is a healing technique initiated by Brandon Bays. It is a beautiful method of releasing old pain from our body, and clearing emotional responses that stem from old painful experiences, centred on connecting with Love in ‘the source’ and finding forgiveness.

The online courses Jumpstart your wealth gene and its sequel Essential Upgrade for Money and Success by Dawn Clark, give very interesting insights in the workings together of our emotions, intentions and underlying ‘blueprint’ that we build up over our lifetime and is in part inherited from our ancestors. These factors together work to create our reality around us. Dawn Clark also explains that the portion of our DNA generally seen as ‘junk DNA’ has all the characteristics of a language. She suggests that it is here where our memories and family histories and the lessons learned from them are stored. She combines scientific insights with her own spiritual abilities to create personal ‘codes’ or frequencies that can help to change the DNA to turn on favourable ‘settings’ or switch off unfavourable ones.

How to know higher worlds by Rudolf Steiner gives a lot of information of why it is important to develop ourselves, if we want to find our way into communicating with the Spirit (or Higher) world. Interestingly, when I re-read How to know Higher worlds after having worked with Andy Shaw’s Bug free mind books as well as some of the other personal development sources above, I noticed that, although the wording is very different, there are many similarities between what Steiner describes that we need to learn and practice, to start to receive intuitions and to begin to see in the Higher worlds, and what Andy Shaw describes that we need to do to learn to master our thoughts and way of looking at the world in order to receive the inspirations and go with the flow and thus become successful. My interpretation is that to become successful at creating our dream life (which is usually what ‘personal development is meant to help with), we have to work with the beings of the Higher worlds. The wise advice that the most effective visions for the future are those were our vision serves both ourselves, the people around us and the wider world, reflects this: when we align our willing with that of the Higher world, we will be able to receive their support in making our visions reality. It is then up to us to see, hear and act upon the hints and inspirations they send us.