Mixed useful resources

Mulch fabric sources:

Make sure to select products that don't contain plastics and that will fully compost, rather than degrade. Degrading usually seems to mean it breaks down into very small pieces of plastic, which are very bad for the environment. Corn starch is compostable though.
Mulch matting sites
Mulch organic.co.uk




Good information on greenhouse lighting can be found here The site explains what to look for, what lights are most usefull and which suppliers are around.

Learn more about composting toilets here.

In my book I describe how great it would be to use floats on the lakes we create, to grow more plants. I was amazed and exited to read an article in the Permaculture magazine about a company that has created 'floating islands' and similar items! Find the link to the company, Biomatrix Water, here.