Personal development

The Gardens of Love are all about connecting with Love to the beings around us.

It’s wonderful, how many personal development courses teach the value of connecting with love, filling yourself with love.

When we connect to Love:

  • We’re open to what other people are saying
  • We don’t feel the need to be defensive
  • We don’t feel hurt by what happens to us, or what people say
  • We can see other people in a loving light, seeing more of who they really are
  • We don’t dwell on problems, and are more open to find an inspired solution
  • We can see that other people react from their own (possibly painful) experiences
  • We have a positive, expectant outlook
  • We have more energy
  • We feel happier
  • We don’t feel fear, or react from fear and insecurity (but are still able to see when things are not a good idea)
  • Connecting with love and forgiveness and gratitude has a healing influence on us, and on the world around us
  • “The emotion of Love, in the human heart and brain, creates a favourable field of magnetic attraction, which causes an influx of the higher and finer vibrations which are afloat in the ether” (Napoleon Hill, Think and grow rich) This means you are more open to inspiration, and good things will come to you as if by magic.
  • We are more open to new thoughts and ideas

Developing ourselves to be more connected with love and acting on all the positive effects mentioned above, should be an aim for everyone who wishes to be part of the project.

Clearly learning to do this more and more will help us create and sustain a healthy community, as well as benefitting all of our Gardens and ourselves and even our guest.

A great place to start is to go and do the things we love, especially if they serve more than just ourselves. The joy that comes from doing something that we love leads us to feel more open and so makes us more able to let in this feeling of Love.

The challenge is that when we set out to do the things we love, -even if it is just connecting with the feeling of Love- we often get confronted with everything that is holding us back. Fears and doubts, or anger at the difficulties facing us, distract us from our goals and make it harder to just get started. In addition to these feelings, we all have instinctive reactions and behaviour patterns that were born out of our experiences.

Many of these patterns work to keep us in the situation we are in, because unconsciously we deem it safe here, as we know what to expect.

When we become more aware of our own discomfort and resistance against change, we can start to let go of these feelings. When we learn to see the involuntary reactions, we can let go of those that don’t serve us and become more and more free to act from a state of love.

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Noor Bunnk