The Ringing Cedars of Russia

The Ringing Cedars of Russia and the ideal of a space of Love and

The Ringing Cedars of Russia series of books, by Vladimir Megré, tells of the experiences of Russian entrepreneur Vladimir Megré, who meets a young woman in the Siberian Taiga, named Anastasia.

Anastasia lives there with no house, and only the clothes she is wearing, but with a vast knowledge. Not only of plants and animals, as you might expect from someone living as part of nature, but also of what goes on in cities, governments, in science, she can speak any language you could ask, knows of energy sources, of alien technology, and more. She can access the Earth’s memories at any time she chooses.

As to how she knows all this, her answer is that she is 'Man' (m/f) and any one of us would be like her, if only we would live as God had intended:

Cared for by the abundance of Earth, of plants and animals, where the animals strive to serve us, while all they would like in return is our loving attention. Eating as you breathe: simply take some leaf or nut or fruit when your body feels like it, without having to think about it, or prepare a meal.

In the fourth book Anastasia comes with a suggestion as to how we could start to create a world where we become more and more like this, so that our thinking will accelerate, and we will be able to create anything, simply by the power of our thinking.