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Earth changes

A synopsis and interpretation of the lecture by Marco Pogačnik in Nijmegen, Nederland, on 23-03-2018.

By Noor Bunnik


Three big cycles and era’s are ending and transforming into new states.

This brings with it chaos, but also the promise of positive change.


Marco Pogačnik told us how he started to notice changes in the world energies some 20 years ago. Over time he has come to see what is causing these changes. Let’s have a look at the 3 era’s that are ending and being transformed.


  1. We are coming to the end of the era of Pisces (the star sign) and going into the era of Aquarius. This is part of a 26000 year cycle that takes the earth and us through the influence of the 12 signs of the Zodiac. The Aquarius sign is the last one of this cycle, before a new 26000 year cycle begins. Marco Pogačnik described this change as the smallest of the three.

- Pisces is depicted as 2 fish in a position much like the yin/yang symbol. This shows some of the character of this era:

A learning through conflict;

A black or white/ good or bad view of the world;

And the wars of opposing views in it’s many shapes and forms.

- Aquarius comes as a total opposite to this. It is an era of unity, of synthesis of different ideas and disciplines, and era of bringing things, ideas and people together. Holistic is the key word of this new era.

  1. When our world was first formed, it went through several steps* before it became the solid Earth we now see as our home. Preparations have started for a new 'step'.

* The steps Marco Pogačnik told us about leave out the previous incarnations of our planet that Rudolf Steiner mentions, and goes straight to our current world, in which those early incarnations are repeated - according to Steiner this happens every time the planet gets a new incarnation. I am a little confused, because these early incarnations -warmth; air/light; water; earth- don’t completely match the order in which Pogačnik presents the world phases.

I will now go on to relate what Marco Pogačnik told us about this.

  1. Long long ago, when our world was newly created it was a body of warmth energy, now referred to as Lemuria. In this era there was no solidness, only warmth.

  2. When  this era came to an end, a new watery world was formed: Atlantis. In this time everything flowed, nothing was solid still, but the water could hold information.

  3. Then the world started to become the solid world we now live on, Earth. Earth is dense, we can grab things, make tools, manipulate matter. We have gone so far that we have learned all we need to understand about matter. Earth’s time is coming to an end (this is a long transition, so don’t expect the new fase to come just yet).

  4. The next phase, which is being prepared now, will have the character of air. It is lighter, there is more freedom, the world will be more dimensional.

We are being distracted from these changes by the dark forces, with wars, terrorism, fear, the claim of climate change. While we focus on all these things, we don’t realise the real reasons for change, and the subtle changes happening now.


  1. The third and biggest change is the change of the whole universe, from a hierarchical organisation (God on top of the pyramid, with lots of levels of different sort of Angelic beings and the Man, animal, plant and stone as well as the nature beings not sure what their position is -.) to equal, horizontal, heart to heart relations in all beings.

This means there is no need for priests and even Angels to stand between us and Christ any longer, we can find our connection inside. We have an inward connection to both heaven and Earth. We should connect and cooperate with all beings as equals.

In our living and acting we need to realise that helping our fellow beings is more important than keeping good relations with God in the old sense (e.g prayer, offerings etc). In fact, being there for all beings is building relations with God, as he/she is in all of us. (all beings refers to Man, animals, plants, stone and sand, and nature beings, and beings living in the spirit world, and whatever other beings we may find we didn’t know about yet)


When Christ died and his message was rejected by humanity, he went into the Earth, and i the very centre of it he transformed the Goddess Gaia. Where she was the threefold Goddess (Virgin/white/new beginnings, Mother/red/creative, Old Crone/black/ transformation and endings), She is now one indigo Goddess, who wishes to work with us to create a new Garden of Eden.


Before all these changes can really manifest, the old earth needs to be destroyed, this will free up the necessary forces for the transformations.

We can see this happen in

  • Floods and rain 

  • Fires and droughts 

  • Earthquakes 

  • Storms 

This destruction of the old Earth is needed to start the construction of the Etheric new Earth.

The etheric body is the life forces body of any living thing. This needs to be ready before any physical earth can be created.

As Marco sees it, the New Earth will have multiple dimensions, one for each element, but all will be interconnected through portals.

People - and other beings- will incarnate into the dimension /element they need most -at that time- for their development.

All beings e.g. stone, plant, animal, nature being, man will find new places and conditions in this system. New nature beings will be born, no longer bound to the elements as they are now, and they will be able to communicate with us easily.


So what can we do to help and get ready?

  • We need to  become very present and grounded so we can start to become aware of what is happening, and not get dragged into the fears the dark forces are trying to awaken in us.

  • We can train our perception of what is outside of the physical world, learn to sense energies with our aura. We can allow impression to come to us in the form of intuitions, images and imaginations as well as feelings in our bodies.

  • The other ‘kingdoms’ want to connect to us and work with us, so we need to allow ourselves to ‘feel’ them

  • In other words we need to practice multidimensional observation.

This is different from clairvoyance, these are new ways of perceiving.

It is very important to realise there is no objectivity here, don’t worry about it. Everything is co-creation.  (I suppose what he is telling us here is to trust ourselves and what we perceive. As I learned from Steiner, there are many different ways to look at the world, so it is ok when we don’t all perceive these things the same, all observations are valid.)

The images will be inside you, not seen with your eyes.

  • We can all find our own ways to cooperate with these earth changes. It could be by working on our personal development, yoga, earth healing, farming and connecting to the earth and other kingdoms, storytelling etc. Whatever feels right to you. We are all working together in this change, adding to the new morphogenetic field of change.

  • Make sure not to become dogmatic in your working and thinking, don’t judge others or yourself in the efforts we make (or don’t make I suppose), find your own way again and again, it will change and not be static.

  • The new Ark of Noah = the morphogenetic field of the new earth

  • We need to work on resolving our old karma, our luggage. These are inner changes. The stuff going on on the outside is there to tell us what needs changing -both o a personal and a world scale.


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