Creating sacred spaces: Activating Chi Gates and Feng Shui elements

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Activating energy features

It is quite remarkable to me, that when a Chi Gate is freshly created it is working automatically. All the attention and the intention of the maker that went into its creation naturally make it energised to work, letting life forces flow in through the Chi gate. But I have noticed that with time this energy weakens, until only a small trickle comes through.
Hand Andeweg relates in his book 'In resonance with nature', how it is our human attention and intention that can work healing on a plant, a garden or a forest. We can use our touch, sound, colours or symbols etc. to focus our attention and help inform it with different qualities, but the main ‘power switch’ comes from our willing something to be.
In my Feng Shui course this came up as well. When an item or decoration is placed to represent, to activate, a Feng Shui direction, it is important to formulate your intention for placing it. Without this activation the item only has little benefit.
From this it becomes clear that once a Garden has been made into a Chi Gate, it needs our attention to activate fully. We need to state our intention for the energy to flow and then to be used.
In my experience with a small garden installation I made at home, it is most effective if I activate it whenever I go to sit in it. At this time, I can also direct the energy to me, or my Garden or my children for example.
For the Feng Shui elements as well, it is important to activate them. You could do this per plant or tree, or for a group of them or perhaps for a whole area. Although it is more work, doing it for each tree or element will likely be more effective, as our attention is more focused that way.
Make sure you don’t try to activate too many elements in one day or session, it takes our personal energy to do this. You could start by activating the Garden Chi Gate and sit in the centre for a while with the (spoken) intention of gathering energy, so that you have the energy to activate other things.
When we make use of these methods of drawing energies into our Gardens and homes, it is very important to make sure that all this energy doesn’t become too much to deal with. As I briefly mentioned before, if there is an overload of energy in a living system it will get stressed, which can cause disease, pests and bad weather (extremes like drought or constant rain that don’t let up for a long time). Hopefully the addition of multiple exit ways in the Chi Gate patterns will be enough, but it may not be.
If we start to notice problems, a solution could be to tell the energy flow to be active only for a set period, with a rest before ‘turning it on’ again. You could instruct the system to function only during daylight hours for example. It is our consciousness that is the main ‘fuel’ that makes the Chi Gates and Feng Shui activations or cures work. This means that as consciously as we turn it on, we also need to build in ways to turn it off.
with love, Noor

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