Co-operative enterprises

It is likely that many Gardians will desire to set up businesses to make their living in the Gardens of Love. Some of those businesses may be to give courses, or to make and sell items like clothes, dye, fabrics, baskets etc.

And some of these businesses will be the other projects described in the opportunities sections: running the restaurant, running the visitor chalets, running the shop, organising theatre shows and lectures, or music festivals.

The physical facilities that make these enterprises possible are financed by the community. The running of the facilities is an individual or team effort of a few Gardians.

A feasible way to run these enterprises, is to set them up as cooperatives. Then all community members have a share in the profits, after costs such as wages etc. are paid.

The Gardians can form a team to build or set up projects, when they find there is a need for them.

At first, we may mostly concentrate on planting our Gardens, while getting some of the simpler recreation areas set up so children can meet up, explore and have fun. Then, as we have more time for other projects, some groups of Gardians can get together to work on making specific projects reality.

This will go quite organically, as a need arises, we will work on making things possible.