The science of images

Anastasia explaines what she calls ‘the science of images’.

She explains that any society is based on an image: for instance, the image of the wise and powerful ruler and the happy, hardworking citizens. While the ruler and the citizens play their part, according to their role in the image, the image and thus the society will be stable. But if the ruler is not wise, or if the citizens are unhappy for some reason etc., the image starts to degrade, and society starts to collapse.

It is Anastasias aim to change the unhappy and badly functioning society now present in Russia, and the rest of the world.

To do this she has created a new image. She has accelerated her thinking to calculate in all possible factors of our behaviour, Vladimir Merge’s personality and the moves of ‘the dark forces’ as she describes them.

And now the image is ready to be shared with the people of the world, in the form of the Ringing Cedars books. In the book ‘Co-creation’ the core element of the image is described: the creation of ‘Kin Domains’. In further books the image is built upon to make it stronger in our hearts, to work out how it may come to be, and how it may look.