Kin domains

The image Anastasia created revolves around Man (m/f) creating a space of Love around themselves and their family. This space consists of about 1-2 hectares of land (1 ha is 100m x 100m or 2.5 acres). Anastasia explained the size of the plot like this: if you have less than a hectare, you cannot grow enough trees and plants to give what you need to support you. (As we could easily grow enough food for a family on a smaller plot, it is likely that Anastasia is not purely looking at what we need for our physical needs) If you have more than 2 hectares it will be necessary to employ people to work for you, and then the connection to the land and that which lives on it will be lost.

On this land, we should grow trees -on at least half to two thirds of the land-  and have a pond, and a meadow, and a home.

The pictures are taken from ‘Co-creation’, as displayed on the inside of the cover.

The space of love, or Kin domain should be designed so that we don't need to do very much work, it should become a lot like a forest or other natural habitat, which thrives without anyone having to maintain it. This way we can spend our time on 'contemplation', on being open to inspiration, and creating, on enjoying life and on sharing our energy of Love with everything around us.

Anastasia describes how our kin domain can become our ancestral home, our mother land.

We should create communities of these kin domains with a group of likeminded people, all living near each other and supporting each other.

It should also be a goal to work more and more with living systems instead of technology: horses instead of cars; hedges instead of fences; grazing animals instead of lawn mowers etc.

Naturally we would use the best of technology, like solar and wind power, sewage can be turned into heat for heating buildings, and tractors can be used to set up the domains etc.